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CNC Machine



CNC Machine

Application of CHZIRI variable frequency inverter used  on CNC Lathe

The CHZIRI Variable frequency inverter ZVF300 Series adopts the advanced current vector control technology. It is characterized by the high precision. The motor has large torque at low speeds, as well as a zero servo function, which means having a certain (adjustable) torque output at 0Hz operating frequency.

The inverter is reasonably priced and rich in function. It can automatically detect the parameters of the dynamic operation of the motor and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that the motor is running at peak efficiency. Therefore, the AC80 vector control frequency inverter is the best choice for the machine tool industry.

1. Unique Field Weakening Control Technology
By the use of field weakening control technology, the inverter cab better control low frequency large torque motor.

2. Quick, Steady Stop
The ZVF300 Series frequency inverter uses over excitation braking technology that allows the motor to stop in a shorter time.

3. Precise and Stable Speed
Good linearity of speed setting and high precision of steady speed: when the load changes, fluctuations in the rotational speed is less than 2 / 1000.

4. Excellent Low Frequency Performance
Optimized vector control algorithm without PG; outputting 200% of the output torque at 0.1Hz.

5. Adaptability to Wide Range of Grid Voltage
The advanced switching power supply design enables the inverter to be applicable to a variety of grids.

6. Superb Production Process
The unique thickened coating improves the inverter’s adaptability to harsh physical environment with metal dust, corrosive gases, high humidity, etc.