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Ball Mill



Ball Mill

Application of CHZIRI frequency converter in Ball Mill.

To solve the existing problem of the original system, and taking the production process requirements into consideration, the upgraded ball mill system should meet the following requirements.

1. The upgraded equipment should have sufficient starting torque and be able to bear high load. The motor must work stably when the equipment runs at variable speed, and show constant power characteristics.

2. When the original ball mill drive system is replaced by the variable frequency speed regulation system, the mill will surely work normally at low speed, and the normal process control will be guaranteed. The ball mill and the motor will have longer life and low maintenance.

3. With the variable frequency drive, the ball mill will be able to achieve automatic control. The manual, line frequency and fault auto switch functions are available. Recovery voltage caused by large inertia is also overcome, and the normal operation of the equipment is guaranteed.

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